Liquidation Bot

How to liquidate on Morpho?

Morpho posesses its own liquidation mechanism, which reproduces exactly the same mechanism as the underlying protocols (Compound & Aave); thus it has its own set of liquidation bots.

This github repository exposes a liquidation bot example contract, built on Morpho Compound Mainnet and Morpho Aave V2 Mainnet.

This is not a competitive liquidation bot, but a liquidation bot that can be used to liquidate a large amount of collateral in a single transaction, without any funds needed other than gas fees.

One can use it at your own risk, or use it as a baseline and improve it.

Do not hesitate to jump on our discord for any remaining questions.

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This documentation is provided by MorphoLabs, main contributor to Morpho DAO. For any question, reach out.