Track Health Factor

Learn how to track users health factors on Morpho, on-chain via a Smart Contract & off-chain via ethers.js.


/// IMPORTS ///

import {Types} from "@morpho-aave-v3/libraries/Types.sol";
import {DataTypes} from "@aave-v3-core/protocol/libraries/types/DataTypes.sol";

/// FUNCTION ///
contract Snippets {
    using MarketLib for Types.Market;

    IMorpho public immutable morpho;

    constructor(address morphoAddress) {
        morpho = IMorpho(morphoAddress);
    /// @notice Returns the health factor of a given user.
    /// @param user The user of whom to get the health factor.
    /// @return The health factor of the given user (in wad).
    function healthFactor(address user) public view returns (uint256) {
        Types.LiquidityData memory liquidityData = morpho.liquidityData(user);

        return liquidityData.debt > 0 ? liquidityData.maxDebt.wadDiv(liquidityData.debt) : type(uint256).max;

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