Track MORPHO Rewards

Learn how to track $MORPHO rewards accrued on Morpho, off-chain via the REST API.

$MORPHO rewards are accrued by every user of the Morpho protocol and distributed through ages & epochs. Read more abous ages & epochs here.

Anyone can, at anytime, query Morpho's API to get information about the $MORPHO rewards accrued with a position on Morpho-Compound and Morpho-Aave V2. Here are concrete examples 👇


The API will return the amount of $MORPHO tokens accrued, including an estimation of the $MORPHO rewards accrued through the current epoch's distribution


  "address": "0x6abfd6139c7c3cc270ee2ce132e309f59caaf6a2",
  "timestamp": 1665565212,
  "currentEpochProjectedRewards": "85972.665832785826082282",
  "currentEpochRewards": "31041.125418821489334792",
  "claimedRewards": "0.0",
  "claimableSoon": "0.0",
  "claimable": "136685.692014600164909445",
  "totalRewardsEarned": "167726.817433421654244237",
  "currentEpoch": {
    "age": {
      "ageName": "age2",
      "startTimestamp": "1663686000",
      "endTimestamp": "1672326000"
    "epoch": {
      "id": "age2-epoch1",
      "epochName": "epoch1",
      "snapshotBlock": 15575331,
      "initialTimestamp": "1663686000",
      "finalTimestamp": "1669302000",
      "totalEmission": "3000000"
Return valueDescription


The amount of $MORPHO tokens the user would accrued through the current epoch, if the state of the Morpho protocol was to be unchanged.


The amount of $MORPHO tokens the user has already accrued through the current epoch.


The amount of $MORPHO tokens the user has claimed until now.


The amount of $MORPHO tokens the user will soon be able to claim. Only used between the end of an epoch and the start of the next epoch.


The amount of $MORPHO tokens already claimable by the user through the RewardsDistributor.


The total amount of $MORPHO tokens accrued by the user, claimed or not. This should always equal claimable + claimableSoon + currentEpochRewards + claimedRewards.

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This documentation is provided by MorphoLabs, main contributor to Morpho DAO. For any question, reach out.