Claim MORPHO Rewards

Learn how to claim rewards accrued through Morpho

Careful: always double-check the addresses, API, and everything. Do not hesitate to ask in the discord if you face any doubt.

Claim rewards accrued by using Morpho, off-chain through Etherscan, or with ethers.js. Here are concrete examples šŸ‘‡


As explained in the tracking MORPHO reward section, one has to query the API and will have access to lots of different information:<YOUR_0x_ADDRESS>

  1. One should first fill the API and query it.

  2. Go on Etherscan using the address of the reward distributor (NĀ°1), and go into the contract -> Write Contract section.

  3. Then, fill in the _account, _claimable & _proof sections by following exactly whats indicated in the picture previously. - Little note on the _claimable (uint256): this section is supposed to be filled by the amount from args section from the API. - Little note on the proof: it is supposed to be written without the apostrophe: ", without space, with those brackets: [...].

  4. Write the transaction, and you are all good.

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This documentation is provided by MorphoLabs, main contributor to Morpho DAO. For any question, reach out.